BACK - sungyeol ver.
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can you save me?

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@kyuzizi 안녕인피릿 친구들 여긴 대만호텔이에요 전 올 성종씨와 같은 방 배정을 받았어요 샤워후 자기를 찍는지도 모르는체 앉아있는 섹시한쫑이 널 항상찍어줄게^^


hello inspirit friends. This is the hotel that we’re staying in Taiwan. I got to share the room with Sungjong. Sexy Jjong-ee, just sitting fter taking a shower not even realizing that I’m taking a photo of him. I’ll always take a photo of you^^

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Fateful Meeting of Kpop’s infamous Halbaes

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when hyungdon ignored doojoon’s high five


when hyungdon ignored doojoon’s high five

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when sunggyu tries to get bora to apply suncream on him…

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they just kept arguing about how handsome myungsoo is so pissed off 

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140604 KBS ‘SuKiRa’ Super Junior Kiss The Radio Entrance© loeyeol | Do not edit.
140604 KBS ‘SuKiRa’ Super Junior Kiss The Radio Entrance
© loeyeol | Do not edit.
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tag by pyrochrysalis~~~~

hey savvy sorry i didn’t do this til now but!!!! here u go!!!

name: mollie

url: jusayoseob

blog title: daehyun eating a mom

favorite color: black and blue, just like jung leo~ (although that sounds odd don’t ppl describe bruises that way???)

the baes: me jk um everyone

something in caps?: INFINITE 6TH WINNNNNN HELLYE

favorite band: cnblue since they’re like the only kpop band i rlly follow???? idk im not into specific bands it depends on the individual song/album

favorite number: 6….

favorite drink: water, green tea

i’ll tag: eternalb2uty laiszes-faire nsmiles heyjazjaz rawwmin infinitelovesgyu

bigbanglust egu-mo-ni-na

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